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If you travel in Nha Trang and suddenly you want to buy yourself a smartphone or laptop or your phone’s battery charger is suddenly broken and you do not know who to borrow. In this case, the electronics store will be the smart choice for you.

Thegioididong is one of the most trusted electronics stores in Nha Trang.

With smart electronics, if you buy them here and after 14 days of use you discover they have system failure. They will guarantee you to exchange or return for the product at no cost. Also for the phone accessories you will be warranty free for 1 year. This also means that if the device is faulty during use, you can bring it to the store and exchange for a similar device at no charge (you can as many times as you like just in time one year).

In addition, the technical staff here will also help you troubleshoot your phone.

We usually come here to buy phones and laptops and we are very pleased with the staff’s service here.




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