Transportation is always necessary for travelers. Which brand is good and cheap are problems that people care much. I am going to introduce you some brands and price lists of taxi in Nha Trang.

Firstly , Asia taxi brand :(0258)

Toyata Innova
0- 30km 16 000vnd/km
over 31km 11 000vnd/km

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: ô tô và ngoài trời

Secondly – Viber / Taxi Quoc Te :(0258)

0-30km over 31km
4 seats 15 000vnd/km 11 000vnd/km
7 seats 16 000vnd/km 11 000vnd/km


taxi-quoc-te-tai-nha-trangKết quả hình ảnh cho Taxi quoc te

Thirdly- Vinasun taxi :(0258)

0-30km over 31km
4 seats 14.5 000vnd/km 11 600vnd/km
7seats 15 500vnd/km 15 500vnd/km

Finally- Mai Linh taxi:(0258)

0-30km over 31km
Kia Morning 13 600vnd/km 11 000vnd/km
Huynhdai  i10 13 900vnd/km 11 600vnd/km


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