Adress: 10 Buu Doa Street

Open time: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm

Tel: +84 165-232-3028

3D Impressionism Cafe is far from the city center but still attracts not only indigenous people but tourists to Nha Trang as well as foreign tourists, why? The restaurant has an extremely impressive 3D gallery with a series of images that are astonishing to the viewer, with super-bright, super-bright objects, meticulously hand-made. Especially here is a room in reverse fancy, feeling like you are walking on the ceiling. This is a special point of the restaurant, not only the house upside down but also have a photo studio big head – very humorous.



Although it is humorous, fun and interesting, but still not forget to spend quiet space for visitors do not like the bustle of life, the restaurant has a garden with a gentle style, next to it. There are restaurants to serve you, so this is a very suitable destination for families, the price is reasonable also each cup of water or food is priced at about 20,000 VND or more. If you want to go to the gallery, the fare is 75,000 VND for an adult ticket and 50,000 VND for the children ticket.


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