Address: Group 9 – Xuan Ngoc Hamlet- Vinh Ngoc Village.

Contact: 0258-3838-838




             I-resort hot mineral springs, where you can relax and cherished body immersion service luxury mud, hot mineral and contemplate life in both traditional and modern architecture, a meditation space interspersed with nature characterized by rural Vietnamese village. I-resort Nha Trang – the choice for a perfect vacation.

About 4km from the city center, it is the distance that helps I – the resort have the tranquility necessary for visitors to come here to relax with the best service of mud bath, mineral springs. Surrounded by the majestic mountains and gentle winding Cai Nha Trang river combined with unique architecture using local materials such as wood, stone, coconut leaves, I – resort resort appears as a miniature oasis, impressing visitors at first sight. As a natural therapy, this beautiful rustic space will contribute to purifying the soul, giving you a refreshing feeling and new contemplations of life through mud bath soaking service packages Unique Spa style.

The management team and staff are enthusiastic, professional, welcoming and friendly in service manner, imbued with the business culture. That is what we are committed to always satisfy our customers, and always aim to exceed the requirements of travelers. I-Resort hopes to be the first choice of travelers on the journey to visit Nha Trang.


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