Hon Tam is one of the most beautiful island in Nha Trang. Right here, you and play a lot of game like Kayak, diving, flyboard, ….

In addition, when you come here you’ll be able to visit a smallest village in Nha Trang with only 5 houses over 100 years old and all objects in the house are from a long time ago

What Is The Best Time To Visit Hon Tam Island?

Because the temperature in Hon Tam is not too high, tourism activities here take place all year round. However, the best time to visit Hon Tam Island is from February to September since the weather here is the most beautiful during this time. It is also the best coral blooming time of the year

How To Get There?

There are two popular ways to move to this island. The first is that you rent a canoe or a boat to move to the island, this also means all expenses such as entrance fees, food, mud baths, coral diving, … completely self-sufficient. The price is fluctuate around 1.5 million to 2 million. Please pay attention to the time to leave, because the cano & boat will stop working at 6pm. I’m sure you don’t want to stuck in the island 🙂

Or you can book our ‘s Hon Tam Island – Mud bath & Diving Tour. Depart from 8:30 am, move to the island by high-class canoe, free entrance ticket, food package, snorkeling and souvenir photos,…

Also, if you book this tour from us you will have a free motorbike & a lot of promotions (hotel, restaurant, other tour,…) . Book now and get your free time with our quality motorbike

Please contact or call; +84 337- 824-636 for more information

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