Adress: No.14 Cuu Long street

Tel: +84 258-3873-878 or 258-850-3225

Nha Trang Paintball is a sport and  interesting group game. You will become soldiers and fight on the battlefield with  gun, protective gear and equipment. The gun is made of plastic, weighing 1.5-2 kg with a CO2 reservoir behind the gusset to create a compression force.

Also painted ammunition is made from flour and color, so when fired from the barrel of the gun will not hurt the enemy, while the paint material sticking to the player is also easy to clean.

You can hire the arbitrator at the club for only 40,000 VND. When both sides are hit, the referee will make the most fair decision. Entry fee is $ 3 / person (included costume) and $ 1 for 12 rounds.


NOTE: Follow the rules to wear protective gear when joining this game.

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